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This website uses so-called cookies. Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your computer to help keep your website functioning normally and securely. They allow you to collect information about products that visitors to the site are interested in, as well as take into account the navigation used when visiting. This is done in order to make our online offers more profitable for users.

Inline LLC respects the privacy rights of website visitors and recognizes the importance of protecting their personal data. The analysis of information from the website is obtained on an anonymous basis.

When visiting this website, the Internet browser of each visitor transmits certain information to the Inline LLC server: date and time of visit, language settings. This information is stored in the connection logs for a limited time to ensure the security and proper operation of the website, as well as to collect statistical information.

We use two categories of cookies: (1) cookies required for technical purposes, without which the functionality of our site will significantly decrease, and (2) optional cookies.

Web Analysis

Our website uses Yandex Metrics, a site analysis service from Yandex, Russia. Based on your prior consent, Yandex will analyze on our behalf how you use the website.

You can turn off cookies at any time, or you can set up your browser to alert you when you receive cookies. To do this, please select the desired option from the Optional Cookies table. However, if cookies are turned off, you will not be able to use all the features of this website.

Optional cookies

On the website, we use our own optional cookies, which help us understand how to make services more attractive to visitors. Optional cookies help you find out how long you've viewed the page or which pages you've visited.

Third Party Technical Cookies

In addition, we use other companies' technical cookies. These files help us get to know you on other companies' websites and show personalized content on these websites.