Monthly analytics

Monthly analytics of the Russian meat industry

Detailed analysis of the industry for domestic production and imports of meat, meat products, livestock in live weight.

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  • Exporters / importers worldwide who are interested in the Russian market
  • Russia's export competitors (Brazil, USA, Canada and others): large companies or representative offices of trade and export authorities in other countries
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Monthly analytics of the Russian meat industry is a detailed study of the meat and meat products market, which is based on the indicators of production base, foreign economic component, and price dynamics. It includes the main trends of the market, the factors that most noticeably affected the development of the industry in the reporting period, a forecast regarding the further development of the industry.

Research directions of the Russian meat industry

  • Domestic animal husbandry (cattle, pigs, poultry, etc.);
  • Domestic production of meat products (sausages, semi-finished meat products, canned food, etc.);
  • Import of meat, meat products, livestock and poultry in live weight;
The assessment is made in volume (tons) and in monetary terms (prices in rubles).

What data are used for calculations?

    -the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation,
  • the Rosselkhoznadzor,
  • the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation,
  • the United States Department of Agriculture,
  • information and analytical agencies,
  • the Meatinfo analytical department database (price monitoring database, customs database statistics),
  • mass media (industry and specialized magazines, newspapers),
  • industry and reference literature.

What's included in the monthly report?

The report includes:
  • Analysis and forecast for the economy of Russia;
  • Analysis and forecast of the agroindustrial sector dynamics;
  • Meat market structure;
  • Volume, dynamics, and analysis of domestic production;
  • Analysis of price levels (wholesale, retail) and their dynamics;
  • Volume, dynamics, and analysis of imports;
  • Volume, dynamics, and analysis of exports;
  • Analysis and forecast of the trends and levels of supply and demand on the market;
  • Analysis of the factors, influencing the development of the market (market growth drivers, restraints, etc.);
This report will allow you to:
  • Quickly and cost-effectively get a strategic analysis and gain competitive intelligence about the market;
  • Track market data, key market trends, opportunities and threats, and key drivers behind recent market changes;
  • Explore and identify new market opportunities within the market;
  • Evaluate the key macroeconomic indicators to get insight into the general trends within the economy;
  • See how the market performed in the past;
Each report contains diagrams, information charts and the most relevant data in a convenient INFOGRAPHIC format (on average, 30-50 pages).

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Frequently asked questions

  • The analytical review is divided into several thematic reports, each of which is a separate analytical study, including an overview of the general economic situation in the Russian Federation, an overview of the situation in the meat sector, as well as a detailed study of a particular meat sector of the Russian industry for a certain period (month, quarter). You will get the data of the production base, the pricing environment and the foreign trade, as well as data analysis based on current market trends and indicators of previous years, taking into account the main problems and trends of individual sectors of the Russian meat industry. You will also find here the results of activities and forecasts for the development of the meat sector in the Russian Federation. Each report contains graphs, information tables, and infographics (on average, 30-40 pages).

  • Analytical reviews are published monthly, quarterly and annually. We inform in advance everyone who subscribed to the announcements about the date of the next issue.

  • The annual report includes more information than the monthly one. The annual report compares data for several years, data for all markets at once - cattle, pigs, poultry, small cattle, meat products market. Also, the annual report includes additional data on livestock and production by categories of farms - all farms, agricultural enterprises, peasant farms, personal subsidiary companies.

  • Yes, we can make a report in which you will receive the necessary additional information. Write to us and we will inform you in a reply letter about the possibility and terms of your order.

  • Yes, let us know which period you are interested in. In a reply letter, we will inform you about the cost. We can donate some reports :)

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