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Продам: high quality beef and veal from Italy

We are Ambrosini Carne, an Italian producer of high quality beef and veal, seeking new, reliable clients in the Russian Federation. Ambrosini Carne is a family business, not interested in selling big volumes but oriented to give to its clients the best meat, traceable from the farm to the table.
Our company raises the calves in our own farms, slaughters the animals in the owned slaughterhouses and sections the different cuts of meat in our own state of the art facility.
We choose to feed the bulls to reach a weight higher than the average weight reached in the European Countries in order to achieve very good quality, tender, tasty and juicy meat.
Our veal meat is also quite unique, tender and moist at the same time.
Ambrosini Carne is also a trader of high quality beef from selected suppliers in France, Belgium and Poland, where our agents monitor every shipment in order to guarantee a consistent quality.
We are in the process of complying with the requirements set by the Russian Federation.
If you are interested in our products or in receiving a price proposal, you can reach myself, Paolo Zenoni, at or at the following phone number +39 346 713 3182 or skype contact paolo.zenoni.

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